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Personnel Protections Wear ------Head Protection

Our P-2 series ROUGHNECK fibreglass caps provide Class A heavy duty protection. Molded from exclusive formulations, the P-2W Roughneck caps are highly crack resistant and durable.

Our E-2 Series thermoplastic caps provide Class B dielectric protection. Protection with advanced comfort and fit - a favourite cap for most applications.

Its eight-point suspension distributes and balances cap's weight over wider area than other styles, dissipating impact forces through more load-beating points.

3-RW includes our 3-R ratchet-adjustable headband.
The wearer may adjust the headband to fit comfortably as he works, without removing the cap. This headband anchors the cap comfortably, even during extreme activity, in high winds, or with welding helmets or other accessories mounted on the cap.


For long-term combination use. Quick-Lok mounting blocks are screwed onto the protective cap. Welding helmets, faceshields, etc. With Quick-Lok cups can then be securely mounted onto and removed from the cap - without tools.
*Quick-Lok mounting blocks cause cap to meet current ANSI Z89.1-Class C.


For multi-hazard conditions, protection caps must be used with welding helmets, faceshields and hearing protectors in a variety of combinations.
For the best performance, individual pieces of protective equipment must be combined in a manner that does not adversely affect the whole or any of its parts. TUFF-SAFE's Quick-Lok accomplishes that goal.
Long-term heavy duty combinations. The Quick-Lok system uses cap-mounted blocks that engage with cups in helmets and faceshield. The wearer simply places the cups over the blocks and locks them securely in place with spring-loaded plungers. Releasing the plunges releases the combined equipment.


Welding Protection


TUFF-SAFE Thermoplastic helmets are the lightest weight standard size welding helmets. They are molded from Noryl, a tough weight-to-strength, heat resistant thermoplastic. Their universal shell shape combines under-chin and straight-front helmet benefits to increase welder comfort and protection.?

Choice of patented, telescoping lift-front, stationary, molded-in,. or wide vision molded-in glassholder models.



Our fiberglass welding helmets have been the standard of the trade since we introduced fiberglass to the industry.?
Tough fibreglass provides effective welding protection shift after shift, year after year, throughout the world.

A TUFF-SAFE Fibreglass helmet is a long-term investment in productivity. Its durable, smooth surface sheds spatter, its molded-on glassholder never loosens or needs replacing and its glass-reinforced shell holds its shape on any jobsite.


Model TSF-606

TUFF-SAFE TUFF-SAFE Fibreglass helmets are molded in two shell shapes: under-chin to prevent rising fumes from reaching the welder's eyes and nose; straight-front to protect his throat and upper chest from falling sparks and spatter.

Just as jobsite needs dictate shell shapes, glassholder styles must satisfy welders individual needs. The lift-front glassholder allows frequent weld inspection and chipping. Patented lid telescopes into frame to lightproof seal.



Welding Protection


3-C Replacement headgear for all TUFF-SAFE welding helmets (except Models 110) "Free-floating" attachment arms absorb impact, reduce head pressures and stabilize weight. Easy-to-grasp adjustment knobs. Only four parts, for easy maintenance (no tools needed).

1-C Replacement headgear - Economical headgear for TUFF-SAFE 906 welding helmets. Construction same as 3-C except no ratchet adjustment knob.



Compact, lightweight and crack resistant shells molded from special lass-reinforced formulas meet the needs of pipeline
welders. Stationary front, 2" x 4 1/4" glass holder.



Thermoplastic caps protection used with Thermoplastic welding helmet mounting with Quick-Lok.
Meet the need of welder in the field jobs and conform to ANSI Z89.1



Sight Protection


Unusually compact shapes offer a wider view, permitting wearer to move closer to his work. They are ideal for extended wear. Flexible, non-allergenic frame.

Exclusive cross venting is provided by a specially designed, molded-in pattern of openings. A soft nose flap and rounded frame edges prevent pressure points. Optically-correct, injection-molded polycarbonate lenses ensure clear vision.



Low cost, temporary eye protection for jobsite visitors. Molded from optically correct polycarbonate, may be worn over prescription glasses. Include built-in sideshields. Clear or green.



VG-200-H5 (2" X 4 1/4")
flexible frame lift-front cover goggle with hooded vents.


VG-100-H5 (2" X 4 1/4")
flexible frame lift-front cover goggle without hooded vents.



Face Protection


A full range high performance crown protectors and windows. Light-weight, durable, heat-resistant Noryl* crown protectors and a wide variety of top quality injection molded propionate windows protect from most face hazards.


F-400 & F-500 (Heavy-duty) & 5" crown protector maximizes protection from a wide range of adverse environments. It includes 3-C headgear.?
Exclusive, wrap-around Extended-View windows protect a wide area and do not inhibit movement. Include Channel-Grip mounts.


No need to reverse or modify cap. Double channel mounting frame pivots above cap between uses. Strong spring locks frame onto cap. Quick, easy cam-operated windows mounts.

FH-66: extruded aluminium frame and heavy-duty coil spring.

CAPSHIELD 1370: A front-mounted version of cap Adapters with curved aluminium channel and coil spring attachment. Suitable for any non-slotted caps.



High performance windows. Injection-molded propionate, job-proven superior to cut-acetate in every significant performance characteristic. Crystal clear and green tint available in Standard-Wide and Extended-View sizes. Preshape at factory for ease of attachment to crown protectors.



Face Protection

NO. 4199

Propionate Sheet material in thickness of 0.060 inches (1.5mm).
Size: 19 inches wide x 9 3/4 inches deep.
Meets ANSI Z87.1


NO. 3460

POLYCARBONATE. Sheet materials in thickness of 0.060 inches (1.5mm). Features universal hole pattern.

Size: 15 1/2 inches wide, 9 inches deep.

Meet ANSI Z87.1

NO. 3420

POLYCARBONATE. Sheet materials in thickness of 0.040 inches (1mm). Features universal hole pattern.

Size: 15 1/2 inches wide, 9 inches deep.

Meet ANSI Z87.1



Hearing Protection


High Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) quality 2011 Noisegard muffs in 89% of workplace noise conditions. Conform to ANSI S3.19, NRR22db

Workers like their "featherlife" feel and the absence of annoying "hollow roar" background sound. Extra-soft cushions and large ear cavities add comfort.


Model TSF-2011


Blue silicone rubber ear plugs conform to ear for
Excellent noise seal, come with durable neck
carrying cords for easy remova


Model TSF-0488


Sight Protection

Modern design, high style and high tech protective eyewear

Flexible & soft grip blue nylon frame with impact & scratch-resistant single piece clear polycarbonate hardcoated lenses, molded-in nose piece for comfort you want. Meet ANSI Z87.1

Flexible & soft grip blue nylon frame with impact & scratch-resistant single piece smoke shaded polycarbonate lenses, molded-in nose piece for comfort and 100% UV protection, meet ANSI Z87.1

Flexible & soft grip black nylon frame with impact & scratch-resistant single piece tinted in blue-mirror polycarbonate lenses, molded-in nose piece for comfort and 100% UV protection, meet ANSI Z87.1

Flexible & soft grip black nylon frame with impact & scratch-resistant single piece tinted in Yellow Amber color polycarbonate lenses, molded-in nose piece for comfort and 100% UV protection, meet ANSI Z87.1


Dust/Mist Respirator

Fine dusts particular between 0.2 and 5 microns and some fibrogene dusts accumulated into the lungs can cause irreversible damages as pneumoconiosis.

Very fine dusts particular of 0.2 microns or smaller, once breath-in and reach blood Circulation, can cause damages to several organs like brains, liver or kidneys.


Model : TSF-8500,
Maintenance free respirator for against dust of low toxicity, fibrogene noxious dusts of (0.2 to 5um). High filtering efficiency, low breathing resistance. To be used up to 5 times TVL.

Suggested Application :
*Grinding *Sanding *Sweeping *Bagging *Other dusty operations

Used in several field of :
*Steel milling *Mechanical *Pharmaceutical *Textile industry
*Glass *Ceramic, cement, marble * Wood working
(Conform to EN149 CE0120 FFP1S)

Model : TSF-8500N
Maintenance free respirator for comfortable relief against dust and mist, high filtering efficiency, low breathing resistance use for dust from processing minerals, coal, lead ironare, cotton, flour and mist from spray that do not produce harmful vapors.

Suggested Application :
*Welding process *Brazing *Soldering *Torch cutting
*Metal pouring
(Conform to N10SH N95 USA Specification).



Model : TSF-8520,
Maintenance free respirator with exhalation valve comfortable relief against dust of average toxicity (<0.2um) high filtering efficiency, low breathing resistance, it is useful for humid and high temperature working environment., to be used up to 10 times TVL.

Suggested Application :
*Steel Works *Foundry operation *Glass etching *Aluminium smelting *Paper processing *Chemical Industry.
(Conform to EN149 CE0120 FFP2S).

Model : TSF-8913
Maintenance free respirator with active carbon filter cloth protection against organic vapors and dust of low toxicity.

Suggested Application :
*Foundry operation *Lab settings *Petrochemical manufacturing *Undercoating *Agriculture *Painting.
(Conform to EN149 CE0120 FFP1S).

Model : TSF-8925,
Maintenance free respirator with exhalation valve and active carbon filter cloth protection against organic vapors and fine dust of (<0.2um). High filtering efficiency, the active charcoal cloth protection against organic vapors as exhalations of acetone, solvents, aromatic, hydro-carbons, butyl, alcohol. It give good protection against dust of cotton coal, iron, silica, copper, welding fumes.

Suggested Application :
*Welding process *Brazing *Soldering *Chemical processing
*Paper Processing*Petrochemical manufacturing
*Other dusty/oily operations.
(Conform to EN149 CE0120 FFP2S).